2021 Panini Elements Football Hobby Box

2021 Panini Elements Football Hobby Box

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Each Box contains One Base or Rookie Metal, One Base or Rookie Metal Parallel, One On-Card Metal Autograph, One Other Auto, and One Memorabilia!

One of the most unique products of the year. Elements football combines metal cards, patch autographs and on-card autographs to create one of the most sought-after products!

Look for one on-card metal autograph per box! Chase on-card autographs from all the top 2021 NFL prospects including Trevor Lawrence, Trey Lance, DeVonta Smith and many more!

Find 1 memorabilia card per box on average. Memorabilia cards include Supercharged, Electric and Team Chemistry!

New in 2021 chase the SUPER short print insert Nuclear. This short print insert will be printed on metal and feature only the top players the NFL has to offer.

Hunt for on-card autographs from veterans and retired NFL stars in Mettle Moments, Heavy Metal and Steel Signatures.

Featuring Rookie Cards of Trevor Lawrence, Trey Lance, Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, Mac Jones, Kyle Pitts, Ja'Marr Chase, Jaylen Waddle, Devonta Smith, Kadarious Toney, Najee Harris, Travis Etienne, Javonte Williams, and Many More!


BASE METAL: Look for all the stars of today, tomorrow and the past in the Base Metal set!

- Base Metal Gold /250
- Base Metal Plutonium /94
- Base Metal Xenon /54
- Base Metal Cobalt /27
- Base Metal Neon /10
- Base Metal Lithium /3
- Base Metal Hydrogen /1

ROOKIES METAL: Chase Rookie Metal cards from all the top talent in the 2021 NFL Draft!

- Rookies Metal Gold /99
- Rookies Metal Plutonium /94
- Rookies Metal Xenon /54
- Rookies Metal Cobalt /27
- Rookies Metal Neon /10
- Rookies Metal Lithium /3
- Rookies Metal Hydrogen /1

METTLE MOMENTS: Look for iconic moments in NFL history captured on Metal cards and featuring an on card autograph in Mettle Moments!

RPS ROOKIE STEEL SIGNATURES: RPS Rookie Steel Signatures features our metal cards with bold on-card autographs of the top rookies of the 2020 draft class.

- RPS Rookie Steel Signatures max /199
- RPS Rookie Steel Signatures Gold max /79
- RPS Rookie Steel Signatures Cobalt /27
- RPS Rookie Steel Signatures Neon /10
- RPS Rookie Steel Signatures Carbon /6
- RPS Rookie Steel Signatures Hydrogen /1

HEAVY METAL: Chase some of the greatest defensive players in NFL history with Heavy Metal, an oncard autographed insert printed on metal!

ROOKIE NEON MATERIAL SIGNS SHIELD: Look for trapped acetate autograph rookie cards, which parallel to jersey, prime and NFL Shield versions.

- Rookie Neon Signs Orange max /125
- Rookie Neon Signs Blue max /75
- Rookie Neon Signs Red max /50
- Rookie Neon Signs Purple max /25
- Rookie Neon Signs Yellow 1/1
- Rookie Neon Material Signs Standard max /49
- Rookie Neon Material Signs Prime max /25
- Rookie Neon Material Signs Shield 1/1

NUCLEAR: New in 2021 look for the super short print Nuclear insert that features all the stars of the NFL!

SUPERCHARGED NEON: Look for memorabilia cards 1 per box from stunning set like Supercharged, which feature some of the best rookies poised to take the NFL by storm!

- Supercharged max /199
- Supercharged Silver max /47
- Supercharged Cobalt max /27
- Supercharged Neon max /10
- Supercharged Hydrogen 1/1

PROTON PATCH AUTOGRAPHS: Chase limited Rookie Patch autographs in Proton Patch Autographs!

- Proton Patch Autographs max /99
- Proton Patch Autographs Silver max /47
- Proton Patch Autographs Cobalt max /27
- Proton Patch Autographs Neon max /10
- Proton Patch Autographs Hydrogen 1/1

1 Pack Per Box, 5 Cards Per Pack